Authentic Colombian Horseback

First of all, before you ride ANY animal in your life, please, look at the animal.

If it looks like that animal is NOT happy about the fact you are about to jump on its back, then don’t.

Animals are like people, they can be overworked, stressed, abused, but if well maintained and taken care of, a truly healthy animal will be excited for the exercise, and it will show!

Before mounting your majestic new friend, on this tour, you will be first introduced by its handler, and after looking into its eyes, you will see they are just as excited as you are to go for a ride, maybe more so, because they know what’s coming!

A long winding country road climbing a mountain gets you comfortable riding, then after a quick cool off (at a hidden waterfall), the real ride begins through the lush jungle down some pure Colombian countryside!

Just as you take a shower after a good workout, so needs your new friend, so before you go for the “surprise beverage” at the end of the tour, you can help hose down your horse ? …as you’ll see by their reaction, they’ll love you forever!!


$ 160.000 COP

Aprox. $54US



9:00AM OR 2:00PM


  • Professional Transportation (to and from lleras park)
  • Professional Horse Handler
  • English translator
  • Personal HEALTHY Horses!
  • Riding helmet
  • Private Insurance
  • Snacks
  • Photos of the Day!


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