Meet the bus bright and early at 7:30am at Poblado Park, to claim your seat from our friendly staff, on the comfortable, air conditioned, professional transportation on its way out into the countryside!

A scenic drive out of the valley amd before you know it, you’ll arrive at the famous Penol Rock, where you’ll have the opportunity to climb the 740 steps to the top! (tickets are not included and can be purchased onsite for approx. 15usd)

There is a some time to enjoy the view and maybe some souvenir shopping, then it’s off to the town of Guatape, where after a guided tour of the colonial town, it’s time for a hearty lunch in the colorful pueblo.

After lunch over to the waters edge where you next adventure awaits.

A speed boat* to whisk you away to paradise to EXPERIENCE the magical landscape you have just witnessed from high above Penol Rock.

Stopping off at a hidden waterfall*, you arrive at a place called Paradise Bay, and it’s soon you realize the name.

A floating Glamping site awaits you, complete with double occupancy bed and everything else you will need to make your stay relevant to the name.

Choose from our Colombian Countryside Gourmet Chef’s suggestions for dinner, or something from our menu, then it’s off to CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE for the rest of the day.

Options range from INCLUDED OPTIONS such as: swimming, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, bird watching, cycling, hiking, yoga, meditating, camp fires, stargazing and relaxing in the jacuzzi.

Optional additional options include:

-boat tours to waterfalls
-wake boarding/ tubing
-bridge jumping
-horseback riding

Whatever you choose you will definitely work up an appetite, and no better to enjoy a Colombian Countryside, Gourmet dinner, (with a generous serving of alcoholic beverages included) then staring at the breathtaking sunset as it reflex off the crystal calm lake.

The sun goes down, and as the stars come out to play, your biggest decision is to float your Glamping deck close to the campfire*, or out in the middle of the bay to catch an unobstructed view of the shooting star* spectacular.

Awaking as if you are in a fairy tale, as the resident birds of our reserve gently rise you out of your slumber, and unzipping the tent confirms the dream, that this is not a dream, life is really this spectacular.

If an early riser, join the team for a hike up the mountain* for a 360 degree view of paradise, but if not, stay in bed, and our friendly team will deliver your breakfast to you with our room-er TENT SERVICE!

Still many hours to enjoy your time in Paradise so pick up where you left off the previous day, or try a new activity!

Just in time for lunch, you are back in Guatapé, still a little amazed at the level of fun in your last 24 hours, then back on the bus, back to the mega- metropolis Medellin…

..with a big smile on your face, and memories to last a lifetime!

*weather pending, 4×4 vehicle used in case of rare, severe weather


(PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION can be arranged upon request)


ITINERARY: (registration required)

7:30am meet the bus at Poblado Park (directions and instructions will be sent upon booking)

  • approx. 2 hours drive to Penol Rock
  • approx. 1 hour at Penol Rock
  • approx. 35min drive to Guatape town
  • guided tour of town
  • lunch
  • 1 hour boat ride on lake (weather pending)
  • approx. 2:00pm arrive at Glamping site
  • chosen activity in the afternoon
  • optional sunset hike
  • dinner
  • camp fire/ star gazing/ jacuzzi for the night
  • 6am optional morning hike
  • breakfast
  • chosen activities for the morning
  • 12:00pm back to Guatapé
  • lunch in Guatape
  • shuttle back to Medellin
  • back in Medellin by approx. 7:00pm





From Medellin, a complete tour of Guatape, and Penol Rock as described in our super popular #5 GUATAPE Tour, PLUS STAY in Guatapé for the night at an almost magical place called Paradise Finca, sleeping on a FLOATING GLAMPING SITE!

Tickets to and from Medellin on a professionally licensed, guided tour of Guatape and Penol.

ENGLISH Speaking Guide

1 hour boat ride on lake (weather pending).

Floating Glamping site.

Colombian Countryside Gourmet Meals

PLUS choose your own adventures while at Paradise Finca (as described in detail at: …which include but are not limited to: swimming, fishing, Kayacking, wake boarding, tubing, visiting waterfalls, star gazing at nights and relaxing in a jacuzzi.

Full service 24 hour staff/ laundry service/ room/tent service.


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