Mountain Biking!
(full or ½ day)

#1 on Trip Advisor!!!

2000m Descent (full day)

There is a SAFE, wide trail, all the way down the mountain, that anyone comfortable on a bike will thoroughly enjoy- (and “challenging” single track sections that criss cross the entire tour for those who know, and can ride them…will SCREAM AND SHOUT! ; )


…all riding pro-bikes with (full) DUAL SUSPENSION, and HYDRAULIC BRAKES, and a professional support vehicle that follows the entire tour (complete with everything, even spare bikes!) , the only thing you need to do, is take in all the “WOW factors” that will make up not ONLY will be one of your BEST DAYS in Colombia, but also one of the BEST DAYS of biking in your life! That’s our goal.


$ 300.000 COP


37km trail, a vertical descent of OVER 2000m, the most BREATH TAKING views in S. America! and the BEST BIKES! !! …new GIANT Trance 3s!!!


  • GIANT Trance 3- customized to you
  • Full safety gear, (helmet, gloves, elbow/forearm guards, knee/shin guards
  • Private insurance
  • Transportation to and from the mountain, (approx. 1.45hr drive each way)
  • Professional secure support vehicle (vehicle that follows the entire tour that carries everything for the tour, so riders need it carry anything! (first aid, unlimited water, even spare bikes!)
  • Authentic Antioquian lunch
  • Snacks
  • Surprise pool ending
  • English speaking guides
  • 37km trail
  • A vertical descent of OVER 2000m
  • The most BREATH TAKING views!
  • FREE photos of the day!!!


½ Day (ENDURO) downhill!

Looking for that QUICK FIX of pure ADRENALINE… while riding through a most stunning NATURAL RESERVE?!! (and hidden waterfall 😉

This tour is top notch all the way, and loaded with thrills, and in just a little time… you do ALOT!!

Shuttle from Park Lleras to a mountain, only 30min away (approx.), where after being greeted by your friendly ENGLISH speaking tour specialists and a quick safety briefing…

You are off to warm up on your pro-mountain bike, customized and assigned to you, a GIANT Trance 3

…on the brand new PUMP TRACK!! (and if you don’t know, you will know! -as long as you can ride a bike we will walk- er, RIDE, you through it!)

After finding your groove on the pump track, you are then shuttled up to the top of a most AMAZING NATURAL RESERVE where the real fun begins!!

…ridden once is a great experience, but doing it two times is just that much better which is what you do as there are many SURPRISES along the way like; fresh local fruit and maybe, a visit to a hidden waterfall!!


$ 160.000 COP

Aprox. $49.99US


2 Tours a day
Reservations required

MORNINGS:  9:00AM – 2:00PM
AFTERNOONS:  1:00PM – 6:00PM


  • Professional Transportation; (to and from Lleras Park)
  • A Personally customized; GIANT Trance 3- Mountain Bike
  • Full body gear; (Helmet, gloves, elbow/forearm guards, knee/shin guards)
  • Private Insurance
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Unlimited Water
  • Photos of the Day!!



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