Paragliding Medellin

Take part in this unique once in a lifetime experience!

*NOTE- you can take comfort in that these guides, gear, and instruction are professional, and reputable. Something you need to consider when flying in a foreign country! With mild temperatures all year round.

Medellin is known as a world-class paragliding destination. You will see the Medellin River, the El Quitasol hill, the Garcia barrage and the Picacho hill all back dropped by majestic mountains and all from a bird’s eye view!!! Your professional, certified instructor will first give an introductory lesson, and then will steer you over the Aburra Valley and some of the best scenery in the world!!!

ITINERARY: (registration required)
Pick up from your hotel (depends on weather, flight times vary, 8am- 4pm) Approx. 45rmin drive to launching pad, return to your hotel approx. 3 hours after departure.

Overnight for 2 people

$250.000Cop/2 Person


ENGLISH Speaking Guide
Internationally certified guides, top quality, well maintained gear
Paragliding lesson
And 15 min flight!!! (tandem- with captain)


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