The (not polite to use his name) Tour

Why The (not polite to use his name)??

We do not glorify the person that murdered many lives, and destroyed so many more, and not personally having lived through it, it is out of respect for all those who did. We do, however, acknowledge the fact that there is a fascination in the world, and people will pay good money for that fascination, whether we approve or not.

This is apart from the obvious argument that you cannot truly demonstrate the good, without showing the bad in contrast. Since we are unable to prevent the constant stream of curious tourists flocking to Colombia, (that coupled with our strong belief in “Sustainable Tourism”), we found a way to put that good money to good work!

We have shown just what the new Medellín (and indeed all of Colombian) people do with hardships and negativity… …one spot, once a most violent and tragic location, (his prison he built for himself- and escaped from), has now been transformed into a foundation that cares for those who need caring for; those who have no family and can not physically, mentally, or financially care for themselves.


$ 110.000 COP



9:30AM OR 1:30PM


  • English speaking Guides
  • visit 4 places in the south of Medellin: –  Monaco Building: (Where he lived with his family and enemies put bombs) –  El Dorado Soccer Field: (He built it before 1980’s with a visionary design) –  Cementary Montesacro: (Visit His grave, his family and his partner in bussiness “Griselda Blanco”) –  Cathedral Jail: (The prision he built for himself, and escaped from. All entrance fees included.

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