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These are the MOST AMAZING, the MOST SPECTACULAR single (& 1/2), day tours in Medellin! ..verified secure, of the highest quality, by those promoting “Sustainable Tourism” in COLOMBIA!



In such a picturesque Valley, of course you can expect the most AMAZING biking experiences in COLOMBIA!


Take part in this unique once in a lifetime experience!

¡RICH Café Tour!

A visit to one of the world’s PREMIUM producers of coffee, one can not visit Colombia without a real RICH cafe experience!

¡ Authentic Colombian HORSEBACK!

A thrilling ride on a majestic animal in the Colombian countryside!


One of the most popular must do destinations in the area, is the view from atop of El Penol, Guatape, after climbing then 740 steps to the top!

¡Comuna 13 – Graffiti!

What was once one of the most dangerous ‘hoods in the world, come experience the transformation first hand, and interpret the artwork with REAL local guides from the area.

¡Waterfall ECO WALK!

In a valley with such a high density, you would be surprised to know here is a highly protected reserve teaming with Antioquia’s flower and fauna just waiting to be discovered!


Enjoy a special ATV track trail across the majestic mountains… though all the various terrains found in Colombia!

¡Pitt Bike Racing!

There are 2 types of fuels that this tour requires, and consumes… and usually about the same rate; gasoline and ADRENALINE!!!


This 3 hour tour (approx.) is a unique Antioquia experience that visits 4 locations, (including the new Museum Tour), which provides a real glimpse into “his” life.

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