TEMAZCAL Ancestral Coffee Therapy Tour

Located in the Protected Forest Reserve Arvi Park at 2195m in altitude. It is home to approximately 69 species of birds, 19 species of mammals and 41 species of amphibians and reptiles.
The climate is predominantly cold with temperatures between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius in a humid tropical mountain environment, where cloud forests are abundant.

Thirty minutes away from Arvi Park walkers entrance, driving through the road that used to be the old Medellin – Bogota highway, route traveled by the Antioquian farmers called “Arrieros”, who in those times, transported on the backs of mules all kinds of goods, animals and food from one place to another, supplying the needs of the markets of the small towns.

Arriving at a beautiful traditional Antioquian farm with 18 hectares where specialty Coffee is produced at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level but also corn and green onions.

In this beautiful land with unique views you will enjoy a complete body and mind reboot:

Social Temazcal: It is practiced in a group focusing on the medicinal aspects of steam, seeking relaxation and purification.

According to the Ancient tradition, this Pre-hispanic Ritual of Steam Coffee Therapy is the symbolic representation of the belly of the mother earth, her body and spirit that contributes to physical, mental and spiritual health.
Enjoy of this Steam bath of Medicinal Herbs and Full Body Exfoliation Coffee Therapy ritual for hygienic, therapeutic and spiritual purposes.

It has a relaxing and stimulating effect on your skin, helps to treat stress, get rid of emotional burdens, insomnia, and nervous tension.
Stimulates the Hormonal system and works as a blood cleansing agent by eliminating toxins and impurities through sweat, stimulating the Nervous System.

Manantial Naox Spring Water Pool contains organic vegetable decomposition substances from the forest (herbs, plants) deposited in the water springs and the volcanic floors of the forest reserve Arvi Park.
These conditions give beneficial properties for our health providing rich enzymes, minerals and vitamins, all valuable elements for the skin, and fighting cellulite. It has a relaxing effect in the muscles and is perfect for removing tension. That’s why athletes also use it a lot.

Available Tuesday to Sunday
Meeting Point at Arvi Park entrance at 10:00 am coming back to the cable car entrance at approx 2:00 pm.




Professional transportation to the farm and back to the cable car entrance

Professional guide, a Local Paisa

Natural Fruit Juice

Brief demonstration of the coffee production process

TEMAZCAL Steam bath

Manantial Naox Spring Water Pool

Full body exfoliation coffee therapy

Coffee tasting to warm up your body!

Private insurance

For clothing, just wear anything comfortable; LONG Pants, shoes or sneakers with grip are OBLIGATORY. (something that will stay on your foot…LOL….NOT flip flops!
Ideally, you should wear a bathing suit (bikini), or shorts and t-shirt that can get wet.

Bring a change of clothes, sweater or jacket, personal camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, as well a few pesos to buy any extra drinks / souvenirs, etc

Be at Poblado Metro Station at 8:45am ready to take the train Line A that goes to Acevedo Station, otherwise you will not be on time at the meeting point.
Drop off at Acevedo Station, go up to the second floor looking for the cable car Santo Domingo, at the end of this cable car get off.
Go directly to the ticket booth of Arvi Park Cable Car. At the end of this line we will be waiting for you at the entrance.

NOTE: To do this activity please plan a day when you do not have other plans in the afternoon. Sometimes, because of heavy rain, the cable car is stopped for security reasons, in this case the estimated waiting time will depend 100% on the weather. At the farm all activities can take place, rain or shine.